Qatar’s population reached a new all-time high of more than 2.75mn people at the end of November, official statistics showed.
The population increased by 13,505 people, or around .5%, to 2,757,437 as of November 30 from the 2,743,932 people recorded at the end of October.
The latest data also reveal that Qatar’s female population has crossed the 700,000-mark for the first time.
The female population was 703,862 at the end of November, an increase of .7% from the October figure of 698,945. 
On the other hand, the male population in the said month was 2,053,575, which marked a rise of .4% from October, when the corresponding figure was 2,044,987.
The population details are available on the website,
The overall population had reached a high of 2,731,910 in May before dropping to 2,450,285 in July and then increasing again over the next few months. July was also the month when the country recorded its lowest population in the current year.
The figure of 2.7mn was crossed for the first time in February, when the country had a population of 2,700,390.
Usually, the population drops at the end of December every year as many people travel out of the country on vacation.