Regular inspection campaigns are being conducted at the marine camping sites to ensure that winter campers are abiding by the rules and regulations to maintain a clean environment, a senior official at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has told local Arabic daily Arrayah. 

Nasser Abduallrahman al-Buainain, head of Al Wakrah marine unit at the MME, explained that the Natural Protectorates Sector and the Department of Environmental Protection and Wildlife have launched such inspection campaigns since the start of the camping season last week to make sure safety of campers and environment.
He added that the unit inspectors do their job round-the-clock and conduct visits to the different camps, even to those set up on temporary basis at the weekends. Most spotted violations so far include lighting fires on Al Wakrah beach, in addition to littering and throwing sanitary drainage water in undesignated areas. 
The unit has recently devised a database for all the temporary camps and caravans that include all the related information about them to follow up on any related violations committed by them through a registration number given to each of them. Such camps often start their activities from Wednesday evening until Saturday midnight. 
However, the official stressed that the main target of these campaigns is to raise the awareness of campers in the first place about the importance of maintaining a clean environment and how they should abide by the rules for their own good, especially avoiding causing disturbances and annoyance to other campers such as using loudspeakers, or unacceptable conducts such as stunt driving.

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