The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) opened on Thursday the second seasonal market for camping supplies in Al Riffa area. With the participation of nearly 100 local and foreign companies offering camping products and supplies from several countries, the market will continue until December 1.

The market, which serves visitors and camp owners, promotes commercial activity in the local market. It also aims to provide a convenient place for Qatari merchants and families to present their own camping products as well as to facilitate consumers' acquisition of these products.

In a statement on the sidelines of the opening of the second seasonal market for camping, Deputy Undersecretary for Commerce Affairs at the MEC Yahya bin Saeed al-Nuaimi said that this year's edition is of great importance as it is witnessing great turnout from companies, which exceeded 30% compared to last year's edition.

In this year's edition, companies from 12 countries are taking part which in itself represents an increase in the exhibits and products and helps provide all the products required for camping, he pointed out, adding that the market offers all the camping requirements and related supplies.

The market aims to provide a convenient place for Qatari merchants and families to present their own camping products as well as to facilitate consumers purchase of these products. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam

He said that attention has also been given to increase the participation of the productive families sector in the exhibition, as a special tent has been allocated for them to display their Qatari products.

The participation is still open to companies wishing to register for the exhibition, he said. The 2018 seasonal market for camping initiative, announced by the ministry for the second year in a row, supports traders, entrepreneurs, productive families and local companies whose participation have exceeded 80% this year by providing free space to showcase and promote their products and goods. With its unique location, the market offers open spaces, entertainment area, and a space for productive families.

The market for camping includes specialised areas for the sale of goods from tents and cabins, generators, camping equipment, carpets, solar appliances, luminescent appliances, firewood and charcoal, as well as camping equipment and tools for full trips of cooking utensils and camping clothes. It will help individuals and families interested in camping and picnicking as they would be able to buy camping equipment and necessities.

The market is also an opportunity for local companies and entrepreneurs to exhibit and market their camping products.

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