WISH CEO speaks at business forum event
October 15 2018 02:47 AM
Sultana Afdhal Emad Turkman

The Qatar-British Business Forum (QBBF), as part of its ongoing networking opportunities for its members, held a breakfast event recently in Doha.
QBBF invited Sultana Afdhal, CEO of World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), to speak at the event. Titled ‘Innovation in Healthcare: A WISH Perspective’, Afdhal gave an informative and interesting history of the summit, as well as the economic benefits of 
investing in health.
QBBF chairman Emad Turkman said, “It was great having Sultana Afdhal addressing our members. Sometimes the business community gets so wrapped up around their day-to-day businesses that they lose their sight on what is going on behind the scenes and major initiatives like WISH, which works tirelessly to improve healthcare and health awareness in the needed countries. 
The talk touched on important community aspects, such as how educating the population on healthcare issues can increase attendance at schools and the workplace, leading to higher productivity. 
Innovation was also discussed, in terms of best buys – cost-effective health solutions that are feasible and culturally acceptable – as well the most suitable solutions for future health problems. 
“I’m trying to bring global campaigns into Qatar, make Qatar relevant but also make us relevant to the rest of the world,” said Afdhal. “For the first time, we’re actually going to do WISH in other areas. We’re talking to WHO and we’re going to do a mini-conference in an African country and then a seminar in Oxford University and we’re also looking at Columbia University.”

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