‘Qatar among leading Gulf nations in advancing workers’ interests’
October 10 2018 12:47 AM
Sharan Burrow

QNA Doha

Secretary-General of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Sharan Burrow praised the efforts made by the State of Qatar in the field of labour care and the continuous progress in the development of legislation, aimed at achieving the objectives of this important group of society.
At a press conference held on Monday at the International Labour Organisation (ILO) office in Doha, Sharan said that the ILO office, since its establishment in Qatar, has been monitoring the developments and reforms that have been implemented by Qatar and the significant positive development witnessed in the areas related to workers.
She stressed that Qatar has become one of the leading countries in the Gulf to promote workers’ interests and provide their needs, calling on other Gulf states to follow suit.  
She added that the new laws enacted by Qatar define the relationship between workers and employers, pointing out that it is positive move to provide a copy to the government bodies, a copy to the employer and a copy to the worker, to ensure that there are no differences on workers’ rights and duties, and to resort to the law to resolve any differences.
 Sharan Burrow praised the important step taken by Qatar to open offices in the labour-exporting countries, describing it as an important initiative that would limit the illegal practices of some employment offices. She also noted the cancellation of exit permits, which will be implemented in the coming period.
She stressed the importance of the step taken by the Qatari government to set a minimum wage of QR750 for any worker in Qatar, not including the housing and travelling allowances, noting that there is also an obligation to improve the conditions of domestic workers.
Sharan Burrow added that ITUC is very satisfied with the reforms that have been made and knows that their implementation will take time.
She expressed support to the Ministry Of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs’ decisions to respect labour contracts and impose fines in case of violation of laws and non-compliance.
She pointed out that the government is working to monitor the implementation of the procedures and mechanisms that it had developed and is co-operating in this regard with ILO. She thanked the government of Qatar for its support to the workers and the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement of their lives, pointing out that there are many positive steps, including the law of permanent residence, which she described as a good decision and development.
She called on other states to issue laws granting permanent residence to residents on their territory who met the conditions imposed.

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