Re-defining the beauty standards with credence
October 04 2018 11:41 PM
UNIQUE: “There are not many African models here and this makes me unique,” says Yiye Mackaay, model and actor.

By Mudassir Raja

With the globalisation of fashion brands, there’s a whole new revolution of beauty standards taking the centre stage. A new era of lucrativity, visibility and worldwide integration has ushered into the modelling world. This has redefined the type of models people like to see on cover pages or fashion editorials. A slow shift in mainstream beauty standards has finally taken place and being relatable to the audience is all what matters now, African-American ones in particular.
That said, the need for more inclusion of African models on the runways, on covers and in advertisements has taken over the fashion world. Yiye Mackaay, a Ugandan expatriate, is one of them, defining today’s beauty as an African model and an actor in Qatar
The 26-year-old model sees a promising future as he continues to receive encouragement and appreciation for his talent. Community recently caught up with Yiye and spoke to him about his short but promising journey in Qatar.

Who are you? Where have you come from? and where you’re heading to?
I’m a young African model and actor, looking out for perfect opportunities in Doha. I started my career as an actor in Uganda in 2010, after I finished my high school and studies in arts. I’ve been a part of some good films in Uganda. I’ve done many short films and commercials. The response I received was phenomenal.
I’ve been featured in the movies both in Ugandan language and in English. I had some good offers and opportunities in Uganda but the payment was not enough and I had to leave for Qatar to seek a job, leaving my three-year-long but promising career behind.
For how long have you been living in Doha?
I came here in 2014. Since then I have been working with Hamad Hospital. I always wanted to follow my dream of becoming an actor and model, and even here my friends always keep pushing me to pursue it.

Tell us about your ventures in Doha
I am good at monologues. I can speak to myself for hours. Further, I also have keen interest in making short films. I produced a short film The Foolproof Plan in January 2017, regarding street life in Qatar. It featured 10 male actors, all of them were my friends. 
The movie was well received here. I knew a director at Doha Film Institute and he appreciated the film and encouraged me to go ahead with my creative abilities. Along with acting in it, I directed and edited it as well. 
As far as the modelling is concerned, I have been taking part in different fashion shows and modelling for different designers. I’ve walked the ramp for various designers and brands from Europe. Currently, I am taking part in Qatar Fall/Winter Fashion Show. 

How do you see your future in Qatar?
I have high hopes. I see a lot of unseen opportunities. There are a lot fashion shows happening in Doha. I have received many offers. I am well paid as far as a beginner is concerned. 
I believe I can do well in Qatar. I’ve got talent and confidence and that’s all that matters. My colour is my advantage. There are not many African models here and this makes me unique. I also have many ideas for making short films. I’m looking forward to some African actors here, especially females.

How do you see life in general in Qatar?
It is great. It is peaceful and secure. I can concentrate on my acting and modelling. I love being in Qatar.

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