The General Directorate of Traffic and Oryx GTL are continuing with their commitment to students in the area of road safety.

Hundreds of youths in Qatar are gaining road safety knowledge and are helping create a culture of road safety thanks to a programme sponsored by Oryx GTL and endorsed by the General Directorate of Traffic, the company has said in a statement. ‘Students for Road Safety’ aims to turn 10 to 21-year-olds into road safety ambassadors through interactive presentations and practical training on the programme’s advanced driving simulator.
This month, ‘Students for Road Safety’ visited Jassim Bin Hamad Independent Secondary School for Boys, where a total of 137 students participated in two interactive presentation sessions aiming to raise awareness of the dangers of reckless driving and to encourage positive behaviour change. The sessions were followed by five days of practical training on the programme’s driving simulator, where the same group of students experienced first-hand the potential dangers of driving, in a safe virtual environment.

Practical training on the programme’s driving simulator

This month’s event followed a successful campaign during Ramadan where the programme’s certified instructors trained more than 300 visitors at Souq Waqif, aiming to raise awareness among young drivers and to train novice drivers. 
Sheikh Abdullah bin Mubarak al-Thani, acting head of Public Relations at Oryx GTL Ltd, said: “As part of our continued commitment to support Qatar National Vision 2030, we aim to bring meaningful benefits to Qatar and its people. Our ‘Students for Road Safety’ programme is a fantastic example of our commitment to change behaviour at a grassroots level by encouraging young people to be road safety ambassadors through interactive presentations and driving simulator training. 
“This was a very successful month for us as some 137 people were trained. We look forward to targeting more students in their schools and at shopping centres and public events, alongside our partner, the General Directorate of Traffic.”
The driving simulator used by ‘Students for Road Safety’ features cutting-edge technology, including a full real car cockpit and a wrap-around screen. A custom-made traffic artificial intelligence engine reflects common violations like tailgating, failure to indicate and cutting across traffic at roundabouts. 
“The ‘Students for Road Safety’ team is proud to have designed, developed and built the programme’s simulator at the Qatar Science & Technology Park,” the statement adds.
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