WEF chief praises Qatari efforts in education field
September 19 2018 01:24 AM
HE Dr Mohammed Abdul Wahed Ali al-Hammadi during a meeting with Borge Brende.

QNA /Beijing

HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammed Abdul Wahed Ali al-Hammadi met yesterday with World Economic Forum (WEF) president Borge Brende, on the sidelines of WEF’s annual meeting of the New Champions, which started in Tianjin, China and will run for three days.
During the meeting, they discussed co-operation between Qatar and WEF as well as issues of common concern.
The WEF president praised the efforts of Qatar in the field of education. 
WEF’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2017-2018 ranked Qatar 25 internationally among the 137 countries covered by the index. The quality of education plays an important role in determining the ranking of Qatar in the international reports, which measure the progress of nations at the social, economic, cultural and technical levels.
Global Competitiveness Report index consists of 12 key pillars, including health, primary education, higher education, training, innovation, business development, market size, technological readiness, global market development, labour market efficiency and commodity 
market efficiency.
According to the Global Competitiveness Report, Qatar ranked 10th in the quality of primary education. The report also had several sub-indicators, including the availability of the Internet in schools, where Qatar in this regard ranked 19th in the world, as well as ranked fifth globally in the quality of the educational system, while ranked seventh in the world in the quality of school management. The report also revealed Qatar ranked sixth in the world in the quality of mathematics and science.
In terms of the innovation index, Qatar ranked 34th globally in innovation capacity, 20th globally in the quality of scientific research institutions and 13th in global expenditure on research and development.
Qatar ranked 12th globally in cooperation between universities and factories in research and development, while it ranked third in the world in the field of government procurement of advanced technology products and ranked fifth in the world in the availability of scientists and 
Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018 assessed 137 countries on the basis of their ability to provide high levels of prosperity for their citizens, which in turn depends on the productivity of countries using their available resources.
In a panel discussion of ministers and officials on recent trends in entrepreneurship and innovation, the minister explained the experience of Qatar in this field and the efforts of the state’s bodies in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation and the incubation of youth projects.
The minister noted “The role of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in promoting the concept of entrepreneurship, whether through focusing on the curriculum to provide students with the skills and abilities necessary to establish business, and build their personality by promoting the values of self-reliance, creativity and innovation in them, as well as through various competitions and events that organized in co-operation with various bodies,” he said.

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