S’hail 2018 sees 'big sales' on second day
September 05 2018 11:17 PM
S’hail 2018
S’hail 2018 is being held at Katara - the Cultural Village until September 8.


The second day of the ongoing S’hail 2018 - Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition witnessed visits by dignitaries and ambassadors, the organisers said on Wednesday.
Lieutenant-General Ahmed Harith al-Nabhani, Chief of Staff of the Sultan’s Armed Forces - Oman, visited the exhibition and appreciated the large variety of hunting and falconry-related goods on offer.
S’hail 2018 is being held at Katara - the Cultural Village until September 8.
Ambassadors who visited the exhibition on Wednesday included Najeeb bin Yahya al-Balushi – Oman, Hafiz al-Ajmi – Kuwait, Nizar al-Haraki - Syria, Askar Shokybayev - Kazakhstan and Nikoloz Revazishvili - Georgia.
Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti welcomed the dignitaries and took them on a tour of the exhibition, showing them the different exhibitors from 20 countries worldwide, who are offering the latest hunting and falconry equipment at a much larger event than the first edition.

An overview of the exhibition.

The exhibitors, too, expressed happiness at taking part in this year’s exhibition and some of them said they have had “great sales and transactions” on the first two days of the event. The exhibition is also getting a lot of international attention, they added.
The most prominent swords and dagger manufacturers from different countries have brought in some of their finest works to the exhibition. They have added more varieties of knives and daggers – made using different methods – like those found in the Swedish and Turkish pavilion, who are also selling traditional Ottoman and Arabian handmade swords.
Other exhibitors had slightly different kind of products, yet related to the theme of the exhibition, such as the Stevenson Brothers -- prominent manufacturers of wooden rocking horses in the UK. 
Marc Stevenson, co-founder of the company, said they have made some models of Arabian horses and camels especially for the exhibition and that they are finding many people interested in buying what they provide.
On the food front, a barbecue restaurant at the exhibition providing traditional fresh-hunt delicacies of birds and rabbits is a big hit, Katara has said in a statement.
The S’hail exhibition is also providing other services to the visitors such as two mobile ATM vans placed adjacent to the exhibition, so that buyers can easily withdraw money to complete their transactions. 
Complimentary water bottles and energy drinks are distributed to visitors from different hubs, in addition to traditional Arabian tea, coffee and dates.

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