The Cabinet has taken the necessary measures to issue a draft law on the establishment of a fund to support workers in the country.
The decision was taken after the Cabinet reviewed recommendations of the Advisory Council on the draft law at its regular weekly meeting on Wednesday, the official Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported. 
Under the provisions of the draft law, the fund will be established with a legal identity and an independent budget, and with affiliation to the Cabinet.
It will be headquartered in Doha and branches/offices may be set up in the country based on a decision from the Cabinet.
The fund aims to provide sustainable and required financial resources for the support and security of workers. It seeks to pay workers’ dues as agreed upon by labour dispute settlement committees and then collect the amount paid from employers, QNA states.
After HE the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani chaired the Cabinet's regular meeting at the Amiri Diwan on Wednesday, HE the Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Dr Hassan bin Lahdan al-Hassan al-Mohannadi said the Cabinet also approved a draft law on the reconciliation of offences stipulated in some laws related to municipalities and the environment, and refer it to the Advisory Council. 
The draft law will replace Law No 17 of 2005 on the conciliation of offences provided for in municipal laws.
Under the provision of the draft legislation, municipalities and competent departments at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, all within their specialties, shall reconcile offences stipulated in laws related to municipalities and the environment before initiating criminal proceedings or during its review and before the final judgment, as long as the violation is punishable by fine, QNA explains.
It is not permissible to reconcile offences punishable by imprisonment. Also, following the conciliation, it is not permissible to initiate criminal proceedings. 
Conciliation for offences provided for in the mentioned laws will be in exchange for paying a quarter of the minimum fine stipulated for the offence, within seven days of the date the violation record is issued. If it exceeds seven days, the amount will be half the minimum fine amount. 
The Cabinet, meanwhile, took the necessary measures to issue a draft law on protecting the Arabic language, after reviewing the recommendations of the Advisory Council on the draft law.
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