The Pakistani fashion industry is flourishing. Karachi’s youth game is unmatched in the competing capitals, but there is also a blazing tension between the experimental side of Pakistan fashion industry and the establishment of going classic. Going classic wins the game of sartorial fashion, well usually, but this season HUM Style Awards 2018 gives the hint of something otherwise, hurling the fashion forte with millennials. The electric tension between huge power houses and emerging designers makes for an unpredictable award show with winner list you can’t really pre-empt. The ceremony was an emotionally charged celebration as the fashion’s finest paid homage to industry veterans of the past and the bright young things of the future.  
Where the perceptive Shamoon Sultan of Khaadi (Best Retail) takes the brand to a whole new level with cutting edge, practical designs and his clothes that are even more ingenious when one begins to explore the garment construction – the zany style aesthetics, it is the unassailable layering of Sania Maskatiya (Best Bridal) that protrudes her in the ceaseless list of designers existing nationwide. Sania defines bridal with her painstakingly intricate details, embroideries and sheer cuts. Playing with bridals has been an idea that seemed unfathomable few years from now, but in no time we’re all calling Sania a change – maker, for the aesthetics and volume she brings to a traditional bridal wear. 
Hosted by Ainy Jaffri, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Asim Azhar and Syra Shahroze, the evening was a wonderful mesh of many elements. In the realm of artistes with an experience of hosting a show as big as this, Ainy is comparatively a new face. At times it seemed like she had forgotten she was on stage and spoke as if she was having a mundane conversation somewhere; however, others were much calmer and level headed. The spot-on script made one wonder why Faheem Azam had not taken the charge long before. I’ve seen him in theatre and stand up comedy shows he conducts, and I mean it, he deserves an ovation for all the witty humour he brings on the table effortlessly. Sometimes it comes from within and that’s exactly what defines Faheem. 
HUM Style Awards 2018 did not disappoint with the glamour and the sizzling power packed performances choreographed by Shazi Khan and Abdul Ghani. The four hosts of the show opened the night with a performance on an original Pakistani music track sung by Asim Azhar himself, well the only Pakistani track we got to hear the entire evening. Spooky for an award show celebrating Pakistani fashion, content and style. It was still a fantastic night of racy performances – some of them a lot of fun, like Sadaf Kanwal, Amna Ilyas and Mohsin Abbass Haider’s rise to dance and those thumkas on Tamma Tamma Loge, Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar, Yeh Mera Dil and Mehbooba Mehbooba. These super model girls can dance, so why, not dedicate the entire style platform to them only especially when their forte - fashion is being celebrated. But why wearing green net Tinker Bell dresses for the performance? A little glamour to the outfits would’ve sparked the performance to a whole new level though. 
Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed, the Suno Chanda duo, shaking a leg together for the first time on a very Punjabi beat, and then, Feroze Khan’s conquest of the dance floor was also a lot of fun; he always knows what he’s doing and does it well.
New faces are taking over the fashion editorials, and why not. Call me biased, but it’s the dynamic diversity that makes fashion industry, the world’s best breeding ground for idea. If you’ve seen her in campaigns, you’ll agree that the new face Anam Malik brings the sexy appeal with her exotic features in the photoshoots and her earning Most Stylish Female Award was a cinch. Where Anam was game for the prize, jury had to hand the award for Most Stylish Model Male to Aimal Khan for the campaigns and appearances he has been giving lately. Is there any brand left Aimal? 
Despite the umpteen designers who’ve signed up with umpteen textile mills with vast resources at their disposal, the event of year remains Elan lawn. The loyalists keep coming back to their quality; Khadija Shah ensures pure silk and pure chiffon, not synthetic material and the lawn itself wears well and lasts. 
Where it was a triumph for Zara Shahjahan, who bagged the Best Pret Wear award this very season, the look of haute couture pieces of Zaheer Abbas are always touched with a sense of colour and play, glowing the sophisticated cuts, feathers, layers and silhouettes with a dash of heritage. And yes, Zaheer Abbas bagging the award for Best Demi Couture Designer is no surprise. 
Men’s fashion has seen a convivial and an off-centre take thanks to HSY and Jazib Qamar, while Deepak and Fahad are the go-to designers for everyday wears. Yet there’s no denying the sharp tailoring that comes from Republic by Omar Farooq, which brought international cuts to the fore in Pakistan. He has done tremendously well for men’s wear and him walking away with the trophy yet again was not a surprise at all.
The most stylish film actor male and female awards were bagged by Ali Rehman Khan and Hania Amir, respectively. Well we totally agree with the narrative of Ali winning the award, after all his one hazel gaze is enough to give you heart palpitations but Hania wasn’t really the best choice. We would’ve bet on Sanam Saeed, especially considering how her dusky complexion compliments her diva stature.Ayesha Omer grabbed the statuette for the Most Stylish TV Host; Iqra Aziz for the Most Stylish TV Actor Female and Adnan Siddiqui for the Male category. Adnan’s win did raise the eyebrows, right? Especially when heartthrobs like Emad Irfani and Mikaal Zulfiqar were nominated in the same category. 
It might not have been a fair win or lose for everyone, but HUM has patently raised the bar for acknowledging the fashion and entertainment of Pakistani industry.

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