It has been a particularly busy period for delivery boys at restaurants and cafes around Doha and beyond.
While neighbourhoods such as Najma, Al Nasr, Old Airport, Aziziya, etc, which have a large number of eateries, see hectic activity in terms of deliveries throughout the year, festivals such as the two Eids and other special occasions lead to a further rise in orders.
"During such occasions, many people opt for gatherings at home with friends and family and have food ordered from neighbourhood joints. This keeps our delivery boys really busy. The last few days have seen a similar spurt in home deliveries," said an employee of an eatery in Najma.
Things are usually relaxed in the afternoon, and picks up as the evening progress. With many of these eateries remaining open until late at night, orders keep coming in from households in the neighbourhood, according to sources.
"Sometimes it may a take a bit long to deliver as there are simply too many orders and not enough employees. So, we inform clients while placing the order that it may take a bit long to deliver. Some people who want quick delivery actually come and pick up their food," said a worker at a restaurant in the Old Airport area.
"True, it gets really hectic for us, but nobody's complaining. Business has been good over the past few days. Besides people coming to the restaurant to eat or pick up food, there have also been many orders from houses in the locality," he added.
A restaurant worker who regularly takes food to customers' homes (as well as offices and shops at times) said while schedules could be tough at times, he doesn't mind it because it is good for business and also helps develop a bond with customers.
Many customers also tip generously as a mark of gratitude. "We should remember that these people are delivering our food on time despite the heat, humidity, traffic etc. A decent tip and a thank you is the least that we can do," said a resident of Najma.
Restaurant employees said traffic safety is a big concern and delivery boys are advised to ride their motorbikes or cycles as carefully as possible. "We know we have to go fast, but we also have to be cautious," said one of them.
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