Qatar's support of Palestinian people's rights lauded
August 24 2018 10:23 PM


Qatar will continue to support the rights of the Palestinian people of establishing an independent state with East Al Quds as its capital, and with the right of return guaranteed to refugees, Qatari newspapers said on Friday in their editorials. 
The editorials highlighted Qatar's warning of the deterioration of humanitarian conditions in Gaza and the continued Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.
Arrayah said in its editorial that the suffering faced by the residents of the Gaza Strip and the deterioration of humanitarian conditions there prompted Qatar to warn of potentially severe consequences.
The paper said that Israel continues to commit crimes against the Palestinian people on a daily basis.
It added that the position of Qatar has always been consistent regarding the rights of the Palestinian people who have been appreciative of Doha's contribution to the rebuilding of Gaza and to international institutions such as the UNRWA.
Arrayah said that Qatar only seeks to end injustice against the Palestinian people, noting that this cause prompts it to remain in contact with all parties, particularly when its related to humanitarian conditions.
The paper stressed that the country's efforts to help Gaza were all out in the public and all its diplomatic efforts were based on the request of the Palestinian side.
Meanwhile, Al Watan newspaper said that the Palestinian cause is facing going through dangerous phase.
The paper noted that one of the challenges facing the Palestinian cause is finding a united Arab and Muslim support through all means, in order to guarantee the right of establishing an independent Palestinian state with Al Quds as its capital.
The editorial said that Qatar is playing an important regional and international role in supporting the Palestinian people, with the country lately warning of the deterioration in humanitarian conditions in Gaza.
The paper concluded by praising Qatar's support of the Palestinian people diplomatically and politically in order to help them realise their rights.

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