Eid al-Adha celebrations at Katara - the Cultural Village continued to be a huge draw on the second day of the holidays, attracting a large number of visitors.
Katara's array of entertainment shows includes a gift-distribution activity, a musical band and a dazzling fireworks display.
All the elements of the festivities at Katara have received a great response from visitors, who are delighted to spend their evenings at the Cultural Village during the holidays.
The Eid celebrations are taking place at the Katara Esplanade from 8.15pm to 10pm.
Visitors say they are particularly thrilled to see the fireworks display, which takes place at 9.45pm and marks the final act in the day's proceedings. 
Another major attraction is the distribution of Eid gifts among children, an activity that gives immense joy to the little ones as is evident from the excitement and smiles on their faces. This activity takes place from 8.40pm to 9.15pm.

The fireworks display is a major attraction at Katara.

Besides, daily performances by a music band from the Police Training Institute have also turned out to be highly popular among visitors. The police band's musical presentations take place twice every evening - from 8.15pm to 8.40pm, and from 9.15pm to 9.45pm.
Meanwhile, the Katara beach continues to receive visitors from 10am until sunset daily, giving people an opportunity to enjoy various water sports and other outdoor activities. 
Besides the performances at the esplanade, the Eid celebrations at Katara also feature a number of art exhibitions taking place in different buildings.
Katara also provides its visitors with a wide variety of food and beverage outlets.