With Eid al-Adha finally here, we have myriad things to look forward to. In the plethora of designer Eid collections and Eid festivals happening around us, the new Pakistani films coming out to the silver screen is undoubtedly one of the things we’re most hyped for. Surely last year was full of favourites – from Balu Mahi to Punjab Nahin Jaungi and Verna – but if the trailers and teasers for this year’s potential hits are any indication, we’re bound to have even more memorable films to add to the list of our ever-running Pakistani films. We all loved the entice of Punjab Nahin Jaungi that even after a hard day at work brought smiles with Humayun’s a-typical dialogue “Help me Durtana”,and there’s no doubt that well-made romantic, comedy and never-ending drama films are always high on our list of must-watches. That said, we couldn’t be more ready to see the fledgling Pakistani film industry making a bit of a revival. Check out these two Pakistani movies that we won’t be missing, as they release this Eid al-Adha.

Load Wedding
Apart from taking roots from cultural heritage and Punjab picturesque giving film the aesthetic backdrop, there are plenty of things that are having us count down the days until Load Wedding comes out. From the trailer, the film seems to be as eccentric as the name suggests, offering tongue-in-cheek and chillingly calm humour with Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat in the lead roles. We’ve seen Fahad and Mehwish share on-screen chemistry before in Actor in Law as well, following the same comedy genre. They have bawdy chemistry, and a kind of hanging-out comedic naturalism that makes Load Wedding seem better than it is. The recently released music album of the film hints that the romance and drama takes the centre-stage as the film-makers Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza steps out of their comfort zone, touching the boundaries of a family drama, dealing with societal and family pressures with a pinch of humour. Load Wedding’s latest song release, Kooch na Karein might just be the one on everyone’s playlist lately. Sung by Azhar Abbas, the song offers the best combination of lyrics, music and vocals, capturing the feelings of love and emotions of Raja and Meeru way too perfectly. Plus, it’s suffused with a warm, summery light and is genuinely funny in places. If you intend spending some quality time with your family. This is your catch! 

Parwaaz Hai Junoon
There’s no way that this big tribute to Pakistan airforce isn’t going to be awesome. Although there have been many Pakistani films to come out, related to Pakistan military, but PHJ obtrudes as the first film of the sort to cater the air force crowd. Hamza Ali Abbasi is in it. We could stop there, but we’ll add that other cast members include the young starlet who made her acting debut with Jaanan (2016) and later shot into prominence for being the part of Na Maloom Afraaad 2 (2017), Hania Amir, and the new boy in town who has taken over the show businesses industry with storm, Ahad Raza Mir. 
But wait, if you think this is a routine schmaltz and struggle about an airforce officer who wants to serve the country, then there’s more here to feast on, confirmed Ahad Raza Mir in a statement, “We’ve stepped back from all the action and have tried to look at the real emotional and human side of the airforce. It shows that our soldiers and our pilots seem like superheroes but they’re also human at the same time. And that’s the human factor we’ve touched upon. That’s the best part about the film and the aspect we’ve tried to explore.” 
The film overall seems to offer some good music soundtracks. The shaadi song, Naache Re and Thaam Lo gets one tap-tapping compulsively to the song lyrics. Where former is sung by Atif Aslam, empowering a beautiful, soft melody with stunning visuals, the later employs some husky vocals of Zeb Bangash with all the fun and colourful wardrobes taking over the silver screen.

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