While anxiety and depression seem to exist on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, they co-exist in the same mind and they often prevail when life throws challenges right on-spot. Everyone has to face some kind of challenges in life at some point of time and the way you overcome it, defines your strength.
Life and struggle of Rowad Ehlela, a young British expatriate living and working in Doha, portrays a picture that one should face all challenges with positive mind whilst working towards a better future.
Roward, an inspiring speaker, personal trainer, and a marketing consultant who moved to Qatar just two years ago, speaks to Community about his life and career as a motivational personal trainer.

Tell us about yourself.
I am a trainer and motivational speaker. When I was in England, I wanted to become a professional footballer. I joined a professional club and well I was pretty good in the sport. One day, 20 years ago, during a match, I got one of my legs fractured. The injury was very serious and the doctors suggested quitting the sport for good. 
It was heart-breaking for me. I was lost for that period of time. However, slowly and gradually I started regaining my strength and focused on my health. I started my rehabilitation and learned for how body and mind works.
I decided to study something related to personal fitness and health. I’m a graduate in Sports Management. I actually somehow became an inspiration for others around me and they started coming to me to learn from my life experiences.

What has been your biggest inspiration?
The challenges I’ve faced have become a kind of an inspiration for me. Other people’s stories also inspire me, including Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and Deepak Chopra.
Further, I got inspiration when people started coming to me and I thought I could train them and teach them how to get back to a normal life. One year ago, I lost vision in my right eye. It’s another challenge for me, but I am coping with it and continuing my training for others.

What have you been doing in Doha?
I joined Evolve, a wellness company, in 2015 as a Business Developer Director. The company has its talent pool and trains people from corporate world. We help them reach their full potential. We mainly take care of people’s physical health and in some cases their mental health as well. We teach them how to face challenges in life 
I left Evolve an year ago and now I’ve initiated my own wellness activities in Doha. I am going to open my own company with the name of Life+ from September 1.

How do you train people? What methods do you use?
I help others find their balance and recognise their full potential. It is achieved via three-phases including, mind empowerment, good nutrition and living an active lifestyle. The formula for doing good in life involves good thinking process, good eating and good action. It is as simple as that. Owning your challenge and preparing yourself to be in the most empowered state to step up and conquer.
I follow what influences people. I observe for if they are running after something or running away from something. I talk to them and discuss their issues. I also help them practice yoga, meditation and physical workout.

What kind of people come to you.
Different people come to me with different motives, drivers and backgrounds. People want to feel better and empowered. Now a days, people are having a busy lifestyle, and are too busy stressed. They need stress releasers.
We have been getting a good response in Qatar. The first company I was working with started its operations at two places and now it has expanded to eight. We also organise different workshops and seminars for the corporate sector.

A piece of advice you’d like to share with the readers?
I will say find your balance. Work with yourself and create pathways for yourself 

How do you see life in Qatar?
I enjoy life in Qatar. Its people and culture are great. I believe the country is growing fast. It is great to see that especially in the industry I am in. I can see that it’s heading towards a healthier and brighter future. To influence it and to be a part of this journey is amazing.

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