Century’s longest lunar eclipse on Friday
July 25 2018 10:09 PM
lunar eclipse


People in Qatar and other Arab countries can view the last lunar eclipse of the year Friday evening, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) has said.

Friday’s celestial phenomenon will be a rare one as it will be the longest total lunar eclipse of the current century, QCH astronomy expert Dr Beshir Marzouk has said in a press statement.
The duration of the eclipse covering all its phases will be six hours and 14 minutes, while the total lunar eclipse will last for one hour and 43 minutes, according to Dr Marzouk.
The total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout much of Asia (including Qatar), Africa, Europe, Australia and South America. 
People in Qatar will have a good chance of witnessing all phases of the eclipse from Friday evening until the early hours of Saturday, July 28. The penumbral phase of the lunar eclipse will start at 8.15pm in Doha and can only be seen with a telescope, while the partial phase will begin at 9.24pm. Then, the total eclipse phase will start at 10.30pm, with maximum totality to be reached at 11.22pm in Doha, the QCH statement notes.
The total eclipse phase will end at 12.13am on Saturday, July 28, and the partial phase will conclude at 1.19am. Finally, the penumbral phase will end at 2.28am in Doha, Dr Marzouk adds.
The moonrise time on Friday will be 6.09pm, while the moonset time will be 5.15am on Saturday.

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