HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment Mohamed bin Abdullah al-Rumaihi will inaugurate the third local dates festival at Souq Waqif on Thursday, the Ministry of Municipality of Environment (MME) has announced.
The festival has been organised by the MME's Agriculture Affairs Sector under the sponsorship of Souq Waqif management. 
The 17-day festival is part of Qatar's keen interest in supporting and encouraging the local production of all national products, including dates, as part of efforts undertaken to achieve food security, the MME has said in a statement. 
The event will continue until August 4, from 4pm to 10pm.
The MME has stressed that the festival aims to introduce the public to various types of quality dates produced locally. It also seeks to help farmers improve the quality of dates and increase the quantum of production. 
The ministry pays special attention to supporting the owners of palm trees and date farms and giving them the necessary assistance in order to encourage them to adopt the most sophisticated methods - in terms of production as well as care of palm trees. The ministry is also eager to establish the festival as an annual event for the exchange of technical expertise between farmers.
Further, the statement notes that the festival is part of the MME's efforts to highlight the important role played by dates in the local culture and tradition.
During the festival, the public will be provided with all information related to the services provided by the MME in the field of date production and palm trees.

First-aid training workshop 

The Centre for Environmental and Municipal Studies at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, in co-operation with Hamad Medical Corporation's Ambulance Service, on Wednesday organised a first-aid training workshop at Doha Municipality. A number of municipal employees attended the workshop. The workshop came in line with the recommendations of the occupational health and safety programme launched by the centre in 2017, which aims to reduce risks, accidents and injuries at worksites through the training of employees.
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