The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has launched a comprehensive field survey to measure consumers’ satisfaction of telecommunications services provided through the licensed service providers in Qatar.
The survey, conducted this month and in August, will cover all municipalities in the country.
The aim of the initiative is to understand the consumer experience and feedback qualitatively to know the important telecommunications services used by consumers, in order to "identify their perception of the quality of various services and their level of satisfaction with fixed and mobile telecommunications services, prices and the competitive nature of the Qatari telecom market", the authority has said in a statement.
"This survey is one of the main tools adopted by the CRA to help in evaluating the quality and efficiency of services provided to consumers, and in ensuring that their rights are protected.
"The CRA would like to request consumers to participate in the survey, provide feedback and contribute towards the main objective, which is the improvement of their experience and the telecom services in Qatar,” said Amel Salem al-Hanawi, the CRA’s Consumer Affairs manager.
The CRA will publish a detailed report of the findings on completion of the survey, which will be used in the authority's discussions with the service providers to ensure the improvement of services offered to telecom consumers in Qatar, the statement adds.
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