Student pushed to death during safety drill in India
July 13 2018 12:09 PM
Indian student
N Logeswari died after she was forced to jump off a building as part of a safety drill. Picture: BBC

AFP/New Delhi

Indian police have arrested a drill instructor who pushed a university student from the second floor of a building to her death during a bungled training exercise, officials said on Friday.
Horrified onlookers watched as the 19-year-old N. Logeswari struck a concrete landing after being shoved off a ledge by the instructor.
A crowd of students positioned below with a crash net could only watch as the young student cracked her head violently in the awkward fall before tumbling to the ground.
The whole incident was captured on video and provoked outrage after the footage went viral on social media.
"We are investigating who organised the drill and we have arrested the trainer," a local police officer in southern Coimbatore city, where the accident occurred, told AFP.
"She sustained fatal injuries on her neck and head. The trainer has been charged with causing death due to negligence," said the officer, who requested anonymity.
The National Disaster Management Authority, which stages mock disaster drills across India, said it did not organise or sanction Thursday's event.
"The trainer wasn't authorised by NDMA to conduct such a drill," the authority posted on Twitter.
Local media reports said the instructor was not certified to perform such a drill and college authorities had not sought official permission to stage the exercise.

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