Committee for peace in Darfur meets in Doha
July 11 2018 09:34 PM
Committee for peace in Darfur meets in Doha
Committee for peace in Darfur meets in Doha

QNA Doha

The 13th meeting for the committee on following up the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) kicked off on Wednesday, under the chairmanship of ambassador Dr Mutlaq bin Majed al-Qahtani, the minister of foreign affairs' special envoy for counterterrorism and mediation of conflict resolution.

In his opening speech the ambassador said the DDPD which was finalised at the All Darfur Stakeholders Conference in May 2011, has received full support from the international community represented by the United Nations, African Union, Arab League, Organisation of Islamic Co-operation and European Union. In compliance with the DDPD, the Sudanese government signed agreements with a number of movements in Darfur, in addition to several relevant declarations and protocols.

Ambassador al-Qahtani said security continues to be an obstacle with different provisions of DDPD, highlighting that the weapons collection programme and the provisions on disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration are very important.

The ambassador said the document is not open for new negotiations, as it has become a reality that represents the people of Darfur which include the civil society and refugees adding that it has also become part of the Sudanese constitution.

Al-Qahtani said it is of dire need to commit to implementing the provisions of DDPD and to the execution of the development projects in Darfur. There is also a dire need for larger contributions from the international community, to calling upon all parties concerned to commit themselves to a cessation of hostilities and direct negotiations and to admiting that peaceful political settlement alone can ensure sustainable peace and development for the people of Darfur, the ambassador added.

Al-Qahtani also expressed appreciation to those who helped in the implementation of the DDPD 10 years after the start of the Doha process for peace in Darfur, stressing that Qatar continues its efforts and support until peace, security and stability in Darfur prevail. He expressed hope that the meeting and joint efforts would result in the desired outcome of achieving peace and sustainable development in Darfur.

For his part, Jeremiah Kingsley Mamabolo, the joint special representative and head of the United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), expressed his deep appreciation for the efforts of Qatar's Amir, government and people and its commitment to implementing the DDPD.

He called on the movements that did not sign the document to join it as the basis for any negotiations.

He also pointed to the Sudanese government's initiative of collecting illegal weapons in order to curb its spread and help in achieving peace and stability.

In his report, which was approved by the meeting, Mamabolo reviewed the significant progress made by the document, including the launch of the United Nations Fund for Recovery Reconstruction and Development in Darfur (UNDF) in 2012.

He also spoke about the Sudanese government's approval of a number of disarmament, reconciliation and security arrangements as well as the return of displaced people and refugees, and reconstruction. He noted that all of these projects need additional support, including from abroad, in order to be fully implemented.

Mamabolo touched on the contribution of UNAMID in the peace process in Darfur, saying it is currently in the phase of exiting from most of the areas in Darfur. He urged for further efforts to overcome this phase and reach comprehensive peace in Darfur and Sudan and in supporting development for its people.

Meanwhile, the representatives of the Sudanese government and parties who signed the Doha Peace Document in Darfur and the Arab League praised the important and active role played by the Amir of Qatar, the government and the people in launching the Darfur peace negotiations, and following up on the document that resulted from these talks to achieve peace, security, stability and development in the five Darfur states.

They appreciated the commitment of Qatar to continue its efforts to complete and enforce the peace process in Darfur and facilitate the return of displaced persons to their villages and the integration of combatants into civilian life.

The representative of Arab League stressed that these developments provided by the broad support for the Doha Peace Document are important incentives for the speedy completion of the implementation of the remaining provisions of this document .

In addition, the Arab League is currently working with the Sudanese government to hold a conference for the development of Sudan, which will include a centre on the reintegration of combatants into civilian life, in addition to existing co-operation in the area of development and recovery issues and addressing the issue of external debt.

Head of the Liberation and Justice Party Tijani Sissi that the peace document is the most comprehensive, thanking Qatar for its persistence in following up the implementation of the peace document.

He said that the implementation of the document had led to many achievements, including an improvement in the security situation and the return of displaced persons, as well as the progress of Sudan's regional and foreign relations.

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