A Palestinian protester was killed and at least 396 others were injured as Israeli artillery targeted protesters who gathered along Gaza-Israel border on the 15th consecutive Friday of the 'Great March of Return' non violent protests.

According to medical sources, a Palestinian citizen, Mohammad Jamal Abu Halima, was killed in the artillery bombing which targeted a crowd of protesters at Gaza border east of Gaza City.

Sources said that around 119 cases, including 57 live bullet wounds cases, were admitted into hospital for medical treatment, whereas 277 cases were treated at the scene. Thirteen children and three females were among the cases that were admitted into hospital. A number of medical personnel and journalists were also injured in the Israeli attack.

The 'Great March of Return' took place in Gaza on 30 March, with the participation of a large crowd through peaceful protests in five return camps east of the five governorates of the Gaza Strip, which continues on a daily basis with greater momentum on Fridays. On May 14 and 15, the march culminated in a major millionaire faced by the occupation forces with a bloody massacre.

The march calls for the implementation of the right of return of the Palestinian people to their land, in accordance with international resolutions and UN resolutions on the return of Palestinian refugees, including resolution 194 which called for return and compensation, as well as lifting the blockade on Gaza. (QNA)

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