'Qatar Stronger Than the Blockade', a book by Saleh bin Afsan al-Kuwari, Editor-in-Chief of local Arabic daily Arrayah, was launched at a ceremony in the newspaper's office Monday. The book is a compilation of the articles and editorials al-Kuwari has written since June 5 last year when a blockade was unjustly imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.

In addition to the articles of al-Kuwari, the book contains cartoons and caricatures by Mohamed Abdullatif. The articles in the book expose and analyse the sinister plot against Qatar throughout the past year and the efforts to tarnish the reputation of the country and undermine its high standing. It also gave detailed commentaries on the real causes behind the unjust blockade and gave reasonable and logical responses to the attempts of the media of the blockading countries to spread rumours, which eventually failed in its mission as they were found to be fabricated and false.
Speaking at the launch ceremony, the author pointed out that the book refutes all the claims posted against Qatar such as the country supports terrorism. It also deals with attempts of the siege countries to undermine the Qatari economy, the role of the blockading countries in separating joint GCC families and their attempts to create divisions and dissent among Qatari tribes. 

HE Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad al-Thani and Saleh bin Afsan al-Kuwari with the guests at the launch ceremony of the book

He expressed hope that the book will be a reference on the period of the blockade and the endurance of the Qatari people and the residents of Qatar in standing firmly behind the leadership of the country. He also hoped the book would be used by future generations to inspire them about the positive role of the Qatari people in the crisis. 
In his introduction, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer al-Thani, chairman of Qatar Media Corporation (QMC), described the book as a very important contribution from the author to the national library "as it comes from a man who has lived through the major events mentioned in it". He also expected the book to become a reference for the next generations on the resistance and endurance of Qatari people and its united stand behind the leadership.
The launch ceremony was attended by HE Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad al-Thani, CEO of QMC, Gulf Times Editor-in-Chief Faisal Abdulhameed al-Mudahka, and the director of Qatar News Agency Yousef al-Malki, in addition to a number of prominent Qatari mediapersons, editor-in-chiefs of local dailies, Qatar University professors and Qatari writers. 
The book has been received by high profile Qatari writers and journalists as an important document detailing a critical phase of the history of the nation, besides being a well-researched analysis of the stand adopted by Qatar.

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