Qatar Charity’s (QC) office in the Gaza Strip has launched a project to rebuild the homes of poor people with a generous donation made by the philanthropists of Qatar.
Implemented in co-operation with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the project will benefit 250 families from different parts of the Gaza Strip.
The project includes rebuilding 250 houses at a cost of QR6.5mn to make them usable, which will help preserve the human dignity of the needy families in the Gaza Strip.
The aim is to improve the living conditions of these families, as they are constantly living in difficult economic and social conditions, and harsh circumstances.
The project seeks to effectively contribute to creating the health environment suitable for the poorest people through the provision of services and relief interventions to rehabilitate the homes of the needy.

QC officials visit one of the houses as part of the project.

The project will also help ease the economic and social burdens of poor families and activate the role of international institutions to contribute to housing projects to serve vulnerable people.
Mohamed Abu Haloub, director of the QC office in the Gaza Strip, said Qatar Charity, with the support of the people of Qatar, has been implementing these humanitarian projects for the poor in various governorates of the Gaza Strip to improve their living conditions.
"We strive to provide a decent life for these families by offering various assistance, whether in cash, in kind, or by building social housing", Abu Halub said in a statement.
Hassan Khamis, a beneficiary of this housing project, thanked the people of Qatar, saying “I owe them this greet kindness.
For the first time in my life, I will be able to live in dignity in a decent home after I and my family have suffered from the housing problems throughout my life."
Last year, Qatar Charity handed over 50 apartments to the poor families in the Gaza Strip, which were destroyed by the war in 2014.
The charity also rebuilt the destroyed apartments with the support of the Qatari people at a cost of QR8mn, in cooperation of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.
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