PM using yoga for political advantage: Congress
June 22 2018 12:30 AM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking part in a yoga session to mark International Yoga Day in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

IANS/New Delhi

The Congress yesterday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of not practising yoga with the right intention and only promoting it for political advantage.
Also noting that yoga cannot improve India’s economic situation, the party also accused Modi and the BJP of “fragmenting the society” and said this cannot be healed through yoga.
“Modi and his party have fragmented the society. You cannot heal it through yoga. Yoga can keep your body healthy but not the society. It cannot improve the economic situation in the country,” said Congress spokesperson Pramod Tiwari.
“In order to do that, they (the Modi government) will have to change their way of working. They will have to take everyone along,” he added.
“The first theory of yoga is one should not show off. This is a very personal thing if someone is practising it. Modi has breached that theory. “He should promote it but Modi doesn’t practise yoga with the right intention.... he wants to use its promotion for political advantage,” said Tiwari.
From Ladakh to the deck of an aircraft carrier, tens of thousands had yesterday joined Modi to celebrate the fourth International Day of Yoga, with a few wearing masks to highlight poor air quality.
Modi has pushed for the annual event to be held worldwide after winning power in 2014, with the lifestyle industry centred on the ancient physical and spiritual discipline estimated to be worth around $80bn.
Pictures on social media showed participants braved rising mercury levels and unhealthy air quality in some places to spotlight yoga, India’s cultural export to the world.
Countries such as Afghanistan, Japan and Peru held yoga sessions, while Australia and South Africa celebrated on Monday.


Sunday، 24 June 2018 06:36 PM

Congress jealous about the popularity of Narendra Modi which leads them to claptrap statements.
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