Qatari majlis - bringing the old and young together during Eid
June 17 2018 11:01 PM

Many Qataris have celebrated the first days of Eid holidays with their family members and focused on visits and afternoon majlis (lounge) meetings to get together with different generations, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday.
Mohamed Abdulwahid al-Fakhro stressed that Eid meetings at the majlis are good for maintaining close and warm relations among the old and young and enhances good relations with relatives, friends and neighbours as people get together and talk freely.
He said that children are also keen to be present at the majlis accompanying their fathers and older brothers, which is considered an important social training for them and teaches them key skills for their future life.
Ahmed Fakhro described Eid majlis gatherings are special occasions different from the ordinary regular gatherings as those invited are very keen to take part. He said that people usually recall their memories about the way of life in the past and good memories of similar occasions. 
“Such get-togethers have become very attractive for the young generations who are curious,” he observed while adding that Qatari majlis are mini culture forums for the local heritage and traditions.
Fahd al-Abeydan said that though many ways of life have already changed, Qatari majlis remained attractive for the young and old, especially on the happy occasions as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.
Abdulrahman Mohamed said that the recollections of the old people about their struggle in live, and the challenges they overcome to go on successfully in their careers are very interesting subject for the young people. The Eid atmosphere gives such tales special joy and happy nostalgia.

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