First two days of Eid see HMC receiving 2,500 emergency cases
June 16 2018 08:53 PM
HMC ambulances
The Ambulance Department received Saturday 160 calls for help from 5am until 5 pm


Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) received a total of 2,548 cases at its various emergency departments over the first two days of Eid al-Fitr, according to statistics received until 6pm Saturday.

While 1,702 emergency cases were recorded on the first day of Eid, the number dropped to 846 Saturday, officials said. If 602 cases were received Saturday between 5am and 6pm at Hamad General Hospital, including 202 females, in addition to one of severe injury, Al Wakrah hospital received 244.
Dr Altayib Yousef, consultant physician at HMC Emergency Department, explained that the cases received at Hamad General Hospital emergency department were mostly simple to medium in their severity, except for a person suffering head and neck injury in a car accident and admitted to the intensive care unit.
In addition 52 cases were admitted temporarily at the hospital for treatment. He said that most cases were due to stomach troubles and complications of indigestion with a few of dehydration. 
Dr Mohamed al-Amiri, deputy director of Paediatric Emergency Department at HMC, said that 1,038 cases of sick children were received Saturday, with the largest number, 628, received at Al Sadd. Most suffered from cough, cold and fever. 
"The Paediatric Emergency Centre at Al Sadd had 48 nurses and doctors working in shifts," the official added.
The Ambulance Department received Saturday 160 calls for help from 5am until 5 pm with all the cases receiving timely and adequate response. The department operated round-the-clock 90 ambulances in addition to the helicopter ambulances.

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