The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs has announced that working hours in open workplaces during the summer will take effect on June 15 and last until August 31.
The decision, which follows the implementation of the ministerial decision No. (16) of 2007, stipulates that work done in open workplaces should not be longer than five hours in the morning and must stop from 11:30 am to 3pm.
Employers are required to set a working hours timetable in accordance with the decision. The timetable should be visible to all workers and visiting labour inspectors.
The ministry called upon the owners of establishments to respect the provisions of the decision and warned that any company violating the decree will be closed for a period not exceeding one month, stressing that inspectors will conduct field visits on the sites to ensure compliance with the provisions of the decision. 
The ministry also called upon those concerned in the companies and various sectors to take into account the conditions of the workers and working conditions in accordance with the prescribed controls. 
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