Ashghal has officially launched its new Corporate Strategy 2018- 2022, as part of the authority's new vision, ‘Excellence in delivering and managing efficient sustainable infrastructure’.

Ashghal’s strategy was kicked off in line with 2nd Qatar National Development Strategy 2018-2022, which is regarded as a step forward to transforming the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 into tangible reality.

On the occasion, a meeting was chaired by Ashghal president Saad bin Ahmed al-Muhannadi to set the new vision, mission and values, which will eventually be applied to get the new strategy accomplished over the next five years.

Ashghal assistant president Abdullah Hamad al-Atiyyah, directors, managers and a host of senior officials were present.

With the new ‘Strategy 2018-2022’, Ashghal will be more self-reliant, since it has the required potentials to manage, operate and maintain its assets efficiently and effectively.

In the next five years, Ashghal will try to achieve its new vision through accomplishing its mission of ‘continuously enhancing customer satisfaction through leading project and asset management services and solutions’.

The delivery of Ashghal’s vision and mission are underpinned by a set of core values, which emphasise the characteristics of the organisation's best performing team members.

The values are: Accountability - All are accountable for delivering operational excellence; Service Orientation - All would continuously focus on the value of their services; Health and Safety - The health and safety of its customers, employees and contractors are top priority; Growth Focused - All would work together to develop further the capabilities of the organisation; Honesty - The entire organisation would remain honest with others and deliver on the commitments made; Adaptability - All would be ready to face new challenges and quickly adapt to changes in their environment; and learning continuously to share the experience, knowledge and lessons the staff has learned.

In an aim to provide a clear framework for defining the corporate objectives for 2018 – 2022, four themes were developed, representing the broad direction that Ashghal will follow in the coming years. They are compliance with health and safety standards, delivering excellence, developing capabilities and focusing on customers and stakeholders.

Ashghal has set 10 corporate objectives to move in the direction set through the strategic themes in the coming years, including enhancement of Ashghal’s health and safety performance, ensuring on time delivery, integrating new assets effectively, optimising and managing cost and improving quality management performance.

The corporate objectives also include improved sustainability and recycling, increased Qatarisation and development of Ashghal’s staff, increased Qatari involvement in the authority’s supply chain, embedding leading practices across Ashghal and enhancing customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

During his meeting with the employees, president al-Muhannadi said what distinguishes Ashghal's strategy 2018-2022 is that its employees are the key element in the development of its themes and objectives. Further to this, the ‘strategy champions’, a group of young competent Qataris who constitute the core of Ashghal’s future leadership, contributed to this new strategy launch.

He added ‘Our journey will not stop at the development of our strategy, we will work towards adopting and practicing that strategy and focus on achieving our goals with the required efficiency and quality. This will contribute to overcoming any challenges together. I am always confident that by continuing to work together we will meet and exceed our customers' expectations to continue to provide the best of our beloved country Qatar’.

As part of Ashghal's willingness to pursue the adoption of the new strategy 2018-2022, a number of Key Performance Indicators have been developed to measure the success achieved in implementing its mission to achieve the desired vision for 2022.

Ashghal has also taken several practical steps to achieve its corporate objectives including a number of strategic initiatives to be launched in the coming years.