Palestinians launched boats from Gaza on Tuesday to protest Israel's blockade, a move likely to further raise tensions after mortar fire from the enclave earlier in the day and weeks of deadly unrest.
One main boat carrying around 20 people accompanied by a group of smaller ones departed from the fishermen's port in Gaza City, organisers said.
There were conflicting statements about whether the boats would seek to break Israel's blockade, which currently allows them to travel nine nautical miles (16 kilometres) off the coast.
Some organisers said they would only protest, while other participants said they wanted to move past the limit.
It was not clear how Israel's military would respond and it was yet to comment on the protest.
Earlier on Tuesday, Israel's army said some 28 mortar shells were launched toward Israel from the Gaza Strip, with most intercepted by the country's air defence system and no injuries reported.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to respond "powerfully" to the mortar fire.
The boat protest comes after weeks of deadly demonstrations and clashes along the Gaza-Israel border, beginning on March 30.
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