Shops selling various types of Arabic sweets have been receiving a steady stream of not just citizens and Arab expatriates, but also non-Arab residents who are keen to enjoy the delicacies, it is found.
The demand for such sweets among non-Arabs has been particularly high since the start of the holy month of Ramadan, say sources. 
Corroborating this, an operator who runs three shops in Doha said Ramadan is a time when new customers flock to his outlets looking to try out Arabic sweets as well as savoury items.
"There has been a noticeable increase in the number of non-Arab customers at our outlets, which are spread over the city, of late," he said, adding that many of these customers arrive with families. 
Braving the daytime heat, some customers start visiting sweet shops from the afternoon itself. 
Basbousa, Kanafeh, Qatayef, Umm Ali as well as Baklava are some of the varieties that are witnessing particularly good sales at sweet shops, according to people working there. 
Besides the above, items such as Maamoul, Mshabak and Balah el-Sham are also high in demand, they point out.
"We love Arabic sweets, they are delicious and there is also a lot of variety. Ramadan is a good time to visit these shops with family even on weekday evenings," said an Asian expatriate curious to try out an Arabic delicacy.
Many of these items are available in packs weighing 200gm and above, and these are easy to carry and use. Also among the customers are tourists who are visiting Qatar to meet friends and relatives, it is found. 
A shop owner said while patronage for traditional sweet and nut shops is obviously higher among citizens and Arab expatriates, the number of non-Arab customers has been on the rise as more want to try out local and regional specialties - especially during the holy month.
The turnout of customers is high at shops across the city and beyond it - in popular shopping complexes, in market areas as well as places such as Souq Waqif, the sources point out.
Items are available from as low as QR30/kg, they add. Some of the more exquisite delicacies cost a lot more.
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