Students from the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences at Qatar University College of Arts and Sciences (QU-CAS) participated in the 255th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting in New Orleans, USA.

Students Khadiga Mohamed and Juwayriya al-Habsi presented their graduation project posters 'Synthesis of novel photochromic azobenzene derivatives' and 'Synthesis of novel photochromic azobenzene derivatives' respectively in the field of organic chemistry, while student Elkhansa Elbashier presented her Undergraduate Research Experience Programme poster “Computational mechanistic insights into the palladium-catalysed alkylation of selected aldehyde-derived hydrazones” in the field of physical chemistry. They were accompanied by senior lab technician, Farahnaz Barah.

The meeting was a great opportunity for the students to improve their skills and knowledge in various fields and interact with experts and their peers. They also had a chance to get insight into the different careers in chemistry and were briefed about the application, pre and post-interview steps. Elbashier, said, “As an Undergraduate Chemist, presenting my research work in the world’s largest scientific society meeting was an invaluable experience." I even got a chance to meet a professor with whom I plan to continue my graduate studies. Every student majoring in Chemistry should attend this major event.

Al-Habsi said, “It was a great educational experience and I found it valuable to network with other students, professionals and researchers”.

"The ACS National meeting is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet chemists from around the world and gain information about graduate schools and professional opportunities,” added Mohamed.