The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) carried out intensive inspections in April to monitor the compliance of shops with their obligations under the Consumer Protection Law.

As a result of the campaign 91 violations of the law were registered. The violations included not advertising prices, no Arabic translation in bills, announcing sales without prior permission and failing to commit to prices of vegetables and fruits bulletin.

The inspection campaigns are conducted by the Ministry to monitor markets and commercial activities in the country with the aim of controlling prices and detecting violations and protecting the rights of consumers.

The penalties for the violations include administrative closure and fines ranging from QR5000 to QR30,000, according to the laws and decisions governing the work of consumer protection department.

The Ministry has affirmed that it will be firm with those who do not comply with the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations.

The Ministry also will intensify its inspection campaigns to control such practices and will transfer those violating the laws and ministerial decisions to the competent authorities for appropriate action.

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce urged all consumers to report any irregularities or violations through its communication channels.

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