EAA Foundation and Sherborne Qatar support school in Cambodia
May 05 2018 07:40 PM
Students at Som Roung School in northeast Cambodia.
Students at Som Roung School in northeast Cambodia.


Sherborne Qatar School has announced that it will be working with United World Schools (UWS), a partner organisation of Education Above All (EAA) Foundation's programme, Educate A Child (EAC), to support Som Roung School in northeast Cambodia where the ‘Southeast Asia School Development Project for OOSC’ is being implemented.

This project aims to increase the number of children deprived of education to have access to primary education in remote areas, where there are no schools within a 2 ½-hour walking distance.

According to Unesco data, there are approximately 63mn primary-level out-of-school children (OOSC) worldwide. The EAC is partnering with global, international and local organisations to provide quality education for marginalised and vulnerable children deprived of schools and are victims of war and natural disasters, and people in areas of extreme poverty.

Leakhana, a local actor, has walked to households within the locale of Som Roung to encourage families to allow their children to attend school. The support and buy-in of the target community is indispensable to UWS’ approach to education interventions, without which the organisation cannot proceed with project implementation.

After the Som Roung community voted unanimously in favour of this initiative, the village chief stressed that “education will transform the future of our community”.

At Sherborne Qatar, community service is a hallmark principle – pupils should not only have an understanding of others but should also try and do something positive to help those who do not enjoy the same privileges as them and understand the mechanics of how that help is given.

Sherborne Qatar seeks to raise $10,000 to employ three teachers at Som Roung School and the Cambodian regional authorities have agreed to reciprocate. Sherborne Qatar’s parent-teacher association has already made a generous, initial donation and commenced various fund-raising activities that will take place across the school throughout the year.

Personal, Social and Health Education lessons and form tutorials will explore the issues involved and appropriate age-level pupils will make direct contact with their counterparts in Som Roung.

All news received from Som Roung School will be shared with the Sherborne Qatar community. In due time, Sherborne Qatar staff and pupils will visit Som Roung to see first-hand what is happening on the ground and offer appropriate support.

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