An eclectic mix from both Karachi and Lahore in a three-day event can only be a feast. Lahore has so far played the smartest fashion week game with a consistency that remains unparalleled. This has resulted in fashion weeks springing up in Lahore with the most organised, predictable and contained structure whilst Karachi is still finding its way to shoot up through the stratosphere. 
Long or short hemlines? The pliable poise structured or streamlined chic? The power shoulder suiting or the gossamered evening wear? Block colour or Digital Prints? These are the questions that torment Pakistan Fashion Industry every season, but HUM Showcase 2018 gave us an answer that everything goes this season. 
Fashion is no longer an industry catering to the tyranny of haute monde, it has been democratised and head banging rock n’ rollers are as much a part of the mix as the genteel. There’s a lot more happening. It’s all moving so fast now, that there’s no room to shape up or ship out, so don’t pick a personality just now, you can easily play Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 
Community lists the top 7 collections that made an impact on the runway this season.

Zaheer Abbas 
An ode to the Victorian odyssey that literally took us down the lane with frill, multi-tiered ruffled skirts, bows and fitted jackets. Edgy blocks of colour cut perfectly into coat dresses, a palette of all that is all white for Zaheer, there’s a timelessness to these pieces, especially the long coats with intricate embroidery, paired with exquisite romanticism of pastel shirts in salmon pink that are created for one simple reason to make women look like a million dollars. His collection was very wicked for the red carpet — certainly, many celebrities would be seen sporting down except few short skirts, practically unwearable off the ramp. But, as they say, the woman should wear the dress, the dress shouldn’t wear the woman. Zaheer’s play with feminine appeal to cuts and collection was the sexy opening to a fashion week one always looks forward to. 

Mahgul’s debut in Karachi is one of the most impressive yet, she re-imagined the silhouettes as separates for the 21st century. To this young designer, saris, oversised tied down shirts and prints can work together well. However, that doesn’t stop her from being irreverent enough to send down a green printed sari with knotted top — and she made it work! How can one miss Mahira Khan wearing and sporting the same piece later at an event? Her collection was young and fresh and didn’t look laboured at all even though a lot of work had gone into it. It won’t be erroneous to say that Mahgul is quick witted enough with resources to come into the fashion market the big way. She knows how to play it and take it and that’s exactly what she did in Karachi this time!
Rizwan Beyg
A seasoned hand between style, fashion, branding and crafting platforms, Rizwan Beyg hit the nail on the head. These disciplines are about having fun with it and Day Two belonged to this designer and pioneer of Pakistan Fashion, who put a truly stunning collection with cohesive thought process, a distinctive sensibility and a fashion forwardness of his take on denim and giving it a complete revamp. His cuts and quality fabric of couture line was all about luxe! Be it a denim sari, shirts, flared pants, skirt or a waistcoat — not a stitching out place — not a whisper but a shout to Baby that’s how it’s done! Rizwan’s ensemble was something you cannot miss, having fun with fashion and fabric while keeping his collection cohesive. 

Munib Nawaz 
There are very few menswear designers in Pakistan fashion industry who truly know their craft and Munib is indeed one of them; promised and made us believe in his craft every season and showcase, one after another. Suits and short jackets by Munib have now become synonymous with clean cuts, well structured, fitted and not a stitch out of place for us and that’s only because he pays a huge amount of time in bringing about the details in every garment he produces that should sell well enough. There is no sleep for the wicked and that’s what Munib’s clothes in uniform like neutrals seems to keep in mind.
Kuki Concepts 
Shirts, coats, printed jackets with butterflies and flowers whilst going basic in structures and cuts — a daring collection for men to wear casually with the grunge outlook mixed with luxe. Zahid Khan of Kuki Concepts has made a visible move in the brand’s approach from dolling up only Bridal wears to the chic and brash casual men lending the professional and distinctive look with the little sparkle in the right places. Although his decision to showcase was nearly last minute but he constructed the collection well. Black and Charcoal Grey with Pink T-Shirts taking over the showcase on Day-2.
HSY definitely leads when it comes to formal wear, but this collection was out of his comfort style. No embellishments, no complicated silhouettes and no tiredness in the structures — Musafir was a sleek, chic high street collection HSY seems to go retail with, stored and available at all his stores and online as well. Shero’s philosophy of that translates to ‘Keep it Simple for Modern Woman’ was evident in this line of feminising decidedly, masculine apparel like the muscle tee, wooden beaded neck pieces, light weight cotton wraps and belted kurtas — creating sporty looks that are quintessential feminine. A fleeting dash of ethereal punctuated otherwise jaunty solid set: creating an otherworldly vision unlike other collections that went on the ramp. 

Umer Sayeed 
Believe me they were! Umer Sayeed stayed true to his authentic, traditional craft with a mesh of contemporary and modern silhouettes in Bridals and Formal wear. His opening was all about Bridals with structure that don’t have the same run of the mill predictability of heavy gallas and worked dupattas — his intricate embroideries and punch foils. We loved the blazer! Wispy chic, utterly exotic and done with all his heart and soul is the only way to describe his collection. His glimmer gold statement sari, crop tops and maxis are now officially famous with that painstaking intricate detailing in sequins, jewels tones and timeless wedding wears. Mahira Khan’s presence for him as the showstopper was a like a cherry on top and his intricate detailed pieces an icing on a multi-layered cake!