Katara Cultural Village, Qatar’s iconic hub of art, culture and entertainment, is adding more attractions, including a high-tech planetarium, luxury shopping mall, exclusive shopping facility for children, and green hills. 

The ongoing Southern Expansion Project at Katara is scheduled to be completed in the last quarter of 2018, it was announced Monday. 
This project, integrating culture and leisure, consist 12 diverse buildings and a unique parking area overlooking the sea.
The buildings will house a chain of restaurants and cafes, libraries, exhibition hall, cinema and several cultural centres.
The Southern Expansion Project also features a planetarium and Astronomical Observatory. Occupying 2,240sqm area, the planetarium is expected to become one of the main attractions at Katara. 

Katara Hills in the making

The children's mall in Katara Plaza

Another component of the Southern Expansion Project

The planetarium hall, the main component of the building, will have a seating capacity of 200 people, four seats for the disabled and another four for the elderly. It will feature a huge 22m screen, equipped with state-of-the-art digital projectors. 
A vast terrace overlooking the sea will serve as a platform for events and activities. The Marina District at Katara is currently finalising work on a maritime restaurant, comprising a main eatery and eight exclusive marine chalets. This project is now in the second phase.
Katara Plaza is a luxury shopping complex being built on an area of more than 38,000sqm, in partnership with Ali Bin Ali Group. Blending traditional and modern architecture, this shopping mall will gather leading global brands in fashion, luxury goods, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, entertainment, watches and jewellery. 
The project, in the final phase of construction, provides a perfect blend between architecture, technical innovation and maximum comfort.
Katara Plaza will host the first Evian Spa in the Middle East and the second of its kind in the world, in exclusive partnership with water giant Evian. The Evian Spa is a luxurious interpretation of “health through water”, offering a refined spa experience.
Katara Plaza will also have a children’s mall, a unique and pioneering experience in the region and an example of innovation and architectural genius. The design is in the form of two big gifts wrapped in red and gold. 
Katara Plaza will offer a rare experience, with its landscapes and sandstone buildings, paved passages, arches and breezy walkways. 
Katara Hills, a distinctive landmark and an eye-catching tourist destination at Katara is expected to be completed in December 2018. 
This project featuring gardens and green meadows, is divided into Northern and Southern Hills that are unique in design and boast many recreational facilities. 
The gardens occupy an area of 361,500sqm and are designed in innovative and aesthetic style.
The Hills reflect the diversity of plants and trees (3,300 trees) from different continents, grown in the Qatari environment, serving as a meeting point for cultures and civilisations, along with a spacious yard symbolising the universal mind.
Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti said that the ambitious projects make Katara a global cultural and tourism hub, helping to strengthen communication between different cultures and peoples.
“Katara’s strategy focuses on supporting art, culture, humanity, and consolidating national identity and heritage. It also aims to utilise the facilities and buildings to create a suitable environment to nurture art and creativity to make Katara an Arab and global cultural icon,” he added.

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