EU grants Silatech E5mn for empowering Yemenis
April 30 2018 12:25 AM


Silatech, an international non-governmental social development organisation, has succeeded in obtaining a European Union grant of 5mn euros for its ongoing efforts to achieve stability in Yemen through the empowerment of youth and women.

Within this co-operation, Silatech, that works to connect young people to jobs and economic opportunities through employment and entrepreneurship, will establish a fund implemented by its field partner Al-Amal microfinance bank which will provide grants to more than 10,000 youth (18-35 years), in addition to providing training to 5,000 young people.
Furthermore, the initiative supports Yemeni women as they represent 60% of the targeted youth in the project, seeking to achieve a world in which youth including young women are involved in the economic development of their societies.
Silatech contributes to the fifth goal of the SDG that aims to achieve gender equality and empower women through introducing programmes designed to enable work and livelihood opportunities.
The initiative also seeks to contribute to support rural youth and small productive projects that may help them improve their economic situation; reducing poverty and unemployment, as well as the problem of rural youth migrating to cities in search of jobs.
Silatech had submitted an innovative proposal in early 2017 for a European Union grant of 5mn euros - aiming to achieve stability in Yemen through the empowerment of youth and women and the achievement of financial inclusion for the vulnerable and marginalised groups of the Yemen society. The organisation has been successful in obtaining the grant due to its ongoing efforts in conflict-affected areas in which other organisations have refrained from working.
The revival of the economy in Yemen has become a glimmer of hope for young people to find jobs, build a decent life for themselves and their families, and be able to participate in rebuilding a new future for their country as they currently face social and economic deterioration, low living conditions, extreme poverty and unemployment rates.
Since its establishment in 2008, Silatech has been working to empower young people and create employment opportunities for them in Yemen. Despite the severe crises and wars, and the challenges that face civil action, Silatech has managed to double its efforts believing in the active role of youth in development and its approach to responding to challenges and crises before they are exacerbated.

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