Traffic for a distance of approximately 1.5km on both directions at Lebsayyer Interchange on the Dukhan Expressway are to be closed for six months.

While the lanes leading from Doha to Dukhan will be closed starting from Friday, the lanes from Dukhan to Doha will be closed starting from May 11.

During the period, traffic heading to Lebsayyer Interchange on Dukhan Road can use the interchange exits which include two lanes in each direction to reach the roundabouts (adjacent to the interchange) and then to Lebsayyer area, Rawdat Rashid Road, or back to Dukhan Road (as shown on the map).

The closure aims to enable construction works of a new bridge at Lebsayyer Interchange as part of Rawdat Rashid Road Development Project implemented by Ashghal. The project aims to provide a developed and safe road to link Salwa Road with Dukhan Road, and keep the traffic movement away from Rawdat Rashid residential area.