Qatar’s non-oil exports jumped by 15.1% to reach QR5.64bn in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the QR4.9bn recorded in the same period last year, according to Qatar Chamber’s latest monthly report.
The report said the total value of non-oil exports in March 2018 reached QR1.4bn, compared to QR1.8bn in March 2017, or a 22% decrease.
Qatar Chamber said the report was based on the 2,876 certificates of origin issued in March 2018 by its Research & Studies Department and Member Affairs Department.
In March, Qatar exported goods and services to 57 countries, including 11 Arab countries, including the GCC; 10 European countries, including Turkey; 16 Asian countries, excluding Arab countries; 15 African countries, excluding Arab countries; three countries of North America; and one country each in South America and Australia.

Oman was still Qatar’s top non-oil exports destination in March 2018 accounting for QR485.8mn or 35.8% of the total exports followed by Netherlands with almost QR209.1mn or 15.4% and Turkey with QR87.7mn or 6.5%.
India was next with almost QR78.8mn or 5.8%, followed Bangladesh (QR76.3mn or 5.6%), Hong Kong, Germany, Indonesia, China, and Australia.
“It is clear that 85.2% of the total value of exports were received by the first 10 countries,” the report said.
GCC countries (Oman and Kuwait) as an economic bloc were top destinations of Qatari exports amounting to 37.1% of the total exports or QR502.4mn, most of which was received by Oman.
Asian countries excluding Arab countries followed next, importing QR440mn worth of goods, representing 32.4% of the total non-oil exports. European countries, including Turkey imported 20.4% of the total value, amounting to QR276.3mn.
Arab countries, excluding the GCC, imported QR76.1mn worth of goods or 5.6% of the total value, while Australia received QR30.8mn worth of goods followed by African countries (QR23.2mn), North America, and South America.
Qatar Chamber director-general Saleh bin Hamad al-Sharqi said despite the slight decrease in the value of non-oil exports in March, “new markets have entered into the fray with advanced position such as Netherlands and Australia.”
He noted that the surge in Qatar exports in the first quarter of 2018 “assured that the country is not affected by the siege.”