Qatar’s role in spreading peace, security stressed
April 16 2018 10:28 PM
HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad al-Thani speaking at Qatar Leadership Centre’s ceremony to honour 106 of its high-achieving Qatari participants.


HE the Chairperson of Qatar Leadership Centre’s (QLC) Board of Directors, Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad al-Thani, has outlined Qatar’s great role in spreading peace, security and stability in various regions of the world, especially in the Arab region and in the Middle East, stressing that the contributions of Doha in these areas cannot be denied.
Delivering a speech at QLC’s ceremony to honour 106 of its high-achieving Qatari participants, who completed one of QLC’s three National Leadership programmes: the Executive Leaders, Government Leaders and Rising Leaders, Her Excellency said that there was no winner from the Gulf crisis, which would only lead to the creation of a torn society that would stifle the interests of others, while hailing Qatar’s continued and effective role for more than two decades in restoring stability to the region, spreading peace and criminalising violence among civilians and totally rejecting these ugly practices.
Sheikha Al Mayassa also launched QSurvey, Qatar’s first online survey tool.
This platform is the first survey tool in the world to fully support the Arabic language, in addition to its English capabilities.
QSurvey will help inform decision-makers around the world through effective collection and analysis of data.

The national leadership programs offered by the center were developed in partnership with international educational institutions such as Harvard Business School, University of Cambridge, HEC Paris, University of Chicago Booth and others to enhance the abilities and skills of Qataris in the public and private sectors and enable them to contribute effectively to prosperity and development.

Her Excellency pointed out that Qatar is subjected to unprecedented aggression from neighbouring countries, which claimed that they are committed to transparency and progress, but their actions prove the opposite after taking action that affected the lives of many families living in Qatar and the Gulf states, adding despite what happened on the fifth of June last year Doha will emerge stronger and the Qataris will never forget the pain caused by these countries by splitting up families and expelling citizens from their territories.
The Gulf crisis, Sheikha Al Mayassa added, stems from the need for everyone to realise that we live in a complex world that its events sometimes cannot be explained, stressing that by graduating QLC’s competencies and other Qatari youth the State can transforms crises into opportunities through what they have gained through leadership training programme.
After a few years, we will remember the past and learn many lessons from the current siege.
At this point we, the states of the region will realise that we have prevented ourselves from real development in this region, she said, adding that the region that will host the Expo 2020 in Dubai and the World Cup 2022 in Qatar could have been one of the strongest regions in the world thanks to what these two major global events have to offer in economic opportunities.
However, there is still an opportunity for that.
Her Excellency noted that the graduates have acquired the leadership capacities and capabilities to help them overcome the ordeals, and these qualities have been imbued with in a spirit similar to that of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, who deals with the situation imposed on the State with wisdom, nobility and dignity.
In her speech, HE Sheikha Al Mayassa praised all those who live in this country from different continents and their solidarity in the face of the aggressors, where everyone rejects servility and without compromising dignity, and therefore all the spectrum of society are proud of their position and this cohesion that history will remember and will not be forgotten by citizens and will be kept in the memory of children, stressing at the same time that life will go as usual and that what happened will only make the country stronger.
Her Excellency expressed hope that the Middle East would make full use of its potential, recalling that the full utilisation of the possibilities would only be achieved by giving the peoples of the region their rights first, treating them with respect and dignity and giving them the opportunities they deserve, calling on the graduates to be receptive to the future with open minds and tolerance and to continue their diligence as such qualities achieve their goal.
Sheikha Al Mayassa said that the Emir has established the QLC to prepare the country for the future and to help the Qataris to unlock their capabilities and contribute to the prosperity of their country.
The QLC is keen to build bridges of communication and co-operation with leading institutions in Qatar to enhance national competencies, she added.
HE Sheikha Al Mayassa also spoke about the freedom of women, saying that it is a fundamental right granted by our religion.
Women have an active presence in our societies at all times, where they hold all positions, she said, stressing that allowing women to drive or not cannot be a basis for measuring women’s freedom as their freedom lies in their ability to choose the way of life they want to live in, and freedom is women’s ability to choose not to live forced according to the pattern imposed on them.
Talking to graduates, Her Excellency said every one of you has an influential role in the prosperity of the country, and I advise you to look for the thing you are distinguished in, and to give your society back and help others achieve success, adding that it is time for Qatar to rely on these competencies to boost its growth and advance its success in all sectors and in all walks of life.

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