“Everything started in Los Angeles in 2004 when I just finished studying acting for films at the New York Film Academy Universal Studios.
I kept taking auditions in Hollywood because I wanted to be an actor and filmmaker. I found it extremely hard, and honestly, I thought there was no luck for me there.
After a few years of trying, one day walking through Rodeo drive I had a moment mesmerised by the big brands you can see through the vitrines. I remember I walked in to Bijan’s Store and I felt I walked in my own world, impressed and obsessed by the beauty of the art he made with the fabrics. I left the store as quickly as I could after looking at the prices because unfortunately I could not afford them.
I remember that night I kept thinking and close my eyes and began dreaming. That night was magical since I dreamed about one day getting into the fashion industry, I thought that was my game.
The next morning I woke up very decisive to join the fashion industry but I kept on asking myself was it too late? I had just graduated from acting and spent four years of my life studying something completely different and with that also spent all the money I had.
Nevertheless my dream was so clear that I decided to start making things for myself with a tailor in Downtown LA.
One day walking through Beverly Hills I decided to go inside the church with the hope that perhaps there, I would find the right direction.
While walking to the front I found one of my biggest and favourite movie stars Mark Wahlberg, who was there standing alone.
I decided to approach and talk to him, get an autograph and a possible photo. I was actually wearing one of the suits I had designed for myself.
I supposed he liked it so he asked me where did I get my suit and I was so nervous at the moment but I replied that I made it myself.
He looked so interested in the suit and immediately gave me his card and asked me to contact him later in the week.
Wahlberg was interested in buying suits for his red-carpet event for the Oscars. I was shocked obviously and didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even say goodbye properly.
This was how everything started and from then on I have been making Mark Wahlberg suits for the red carpet. He was my first client.”