The Qatari Society of Al-Gannas has announced that it is getting ready to conduct, this week, the second campaign to release donated falcons back into nature. This comes following the success of the first campaign, which saw the release of 26 falcons. 
The society has made adequate preparations for the second campaign and make it a big success, according to a press statement by the organisers.
The first campaign was launched on February 25 and the collected falcons were released on March 6. 
Mohamed bin Abdullatif al-Misnad, deputy chairman of Qatari Society of Al-Gannas, said: “Al-Gannas announces the release of 20 falcons donated by Qatari falconers. This is part of our tradition, as falconers in the past used to release their birds into nature after the conclusion of the hunting season. Al-Gannas, like the falconers, is keen to revive this tradition.”
He noted that the campaign plays an important role in protecting the species. As part of the preparations to release the birds, the society has conducted full health checkups of the birds and taken their blood samples. 
Micro-tracking devices powered by solar energy will help officials concerned gauge the success of the campaign from the headquarters of the society at Katara - the Culture Village Foundation, he explained.
Further, al-Misnad said the birds will be released by the middle of this week as the weather conditions improve. 
He thanked Katara and the other participating entities for their role in making the campaign a success.
Metab al-Qahtani from the Qatari Society of Al-Gannas said the required medical checkups of the birds, which are to be released, have been conducted at the Souq Waqif falcon hospital. 
Most of the birds “are in very good health”, he added.
The medical staff at the hospital also affirmed that the checked birds were in good health and all necessary checkups, blood tests and X-rays were done.

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