The weekly Cabinet meeting, chaired by HE the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani, on Wednesday took the necessary measures to pass a draft law on industrial zones, after reviewing the recommendation of the Advisory Council.

The draft law defines industrial zones as areas designated for industrial purposes in accordance with the provisions of this law, including lands, installations and facilities erected thereon.

The draft law stipulates that the establishment of industrial zones shall be by a decision of the Cabinet upon the proposal of the Minister of Energy and Industry after the Ministry coordinates with the authorities concerned.

Pursuant to the draft law, no industrial establishment shall be founded in the industrial zones without an authorisation from relevant authorities and the approval of the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

Giving details of the meeting, HE the Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Hassan Lahdan Saqr al-Mohannadi said that at the outset of the meeting, the Cabinet condemned the shooting by the Israeli occupation forces on peaceful Palestinian marchers on Land Day, in which several Palestinian citizens were killed and hundreds injured.

The Cabinet called for urgent and decisive international action to protect the Palestinian people and pressure the Israeli government to stop its oppressive practices in the occupied Palestinian territories, stressing the firm position of Qatar in supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, foremost of which is the right to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The cabinet approved a draft memorandum of understanding on co-operation in the legal field between the Ministry of Justice of Qatar and the Ministry of Justice of Portugal.

The cabinet reviewed and took required measures regarding a draft law on amending some provision of Law No 21 of 1989 on regulating marrying foreigners.

The cabinet reviewed and took necessary measures on a memo by HE the Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs on the follow-up report on achieving government institutional performance standards.

The cabinet reviewed and took measures on a memo by HE the Minister of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs on the outcomes of the 88th session of the Board of Directors of Arab Labour Organisation (ALO) held in March 2018 in Baghdad.

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