Qatar Charity (QC) has provided emergency relief aid to 100 Syrian families with 700 members, who were affected by a fire at the Semmaqiyeh refugee camp in Akkar district of Lebanon, at a cost of QR250,000.
The aid included sheltering items, heating requirements and food. It was aimed at urgently compensating those affected by the fire and alleviating their suffering under the framework of QC’s ‘Affected by Winter’ campaign, Qatar Charity said in a statement. 
Faisal al-Fahida, executive director of QC’s Executive Management of International Operations, said they are keen to take care of Syrian refugees, particularly those in Lebanon, and provides an additional and special care to those living there under tragic circumstances. 
The aid provided social, humanitarian and psychological support to the affected refugees, he added. 
Al-Fahida said the aid involved providing 30 tents, in the first stage, and food baskets to 100 families, containing oil, butter, bulgur, rice, grains, tomato jam, macaroni, salt, sugar, tuna, tea, lentils, vermicelli, flour and other items. Also, clothes, blankets and mattresses were distributed to the target families, he noted in the statement. 
The official thanked all those who had contributed to QC’s relief campaigns since the beginning of the crisis to support affected Syrians within and outside their country, and appealed to philanthropists, both Qataris and residents, to continue their support for the Syrian people. 
Earlier, Qatar Charity had provided relief aid to more than 6,000 people in the besieged Syrian Ghouta as part of its urgent and repeated responses to lessen the suffering of the people living there in extremely difficult humanitarian conditions.
QC launched its ‘Affected by Winter’ campaign to support displaced people and refugees affected by the bitter winter and heavy rain in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and places with Rohingya refugees.
Those interested can donate to the campaign through the QC website ( and app. They can also make donations at the QC headquarters, branches and collection points located in commercial complexes as well as through the hotline - 44667711.
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