Qatar desert areas should have more effective protection to maintain the desired ecological balance, a number of citizens urged, according to a report in local Arabic daily Arrayah.

They pointed out that recently a number of violations regarding littering in the open desert and throwing debris there, have surfaced, causing damage to the environment. 
"Some small companies opt to dispose of their refuse materials, which include used tyres, rubble, paints, plastics and various metals, in the open desert, damaging the natural environment of the country. Strict action should be taken against them in accordance with the law," said Dr Saif al-Hajari, environmental expert and chairman of the Qatar Sport and Environment Committee.
He suggested that the creation of a specialised environmental police department would be a good idea to combat such phenomenon. The new department should be tasked with monitoring the deserts to detect any related violations and penalise the perpetrators.
Another solution is to encourage investment in recycling, where companies could invest in their waste instead of disposing them off. "This has also become a necessity due to the expansion in the construction industry in the country and the normal generation of waste and byproducts."
Dr al-Hajari stressed that the municipal authorities and all the related departments in the country should play an active role in combating such a destructive phenomenon. 
He appreciated the efforts of the government in planting trees and beautifying many areas around the country, which is considered a positive step towards conservation of the desert environment.

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