President of the Qatar Football Association (QFA) Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed al-Thani signed agreements with the Jordanian, Lebanese, and Syrian federations with the aim of strengthening ties in football.
The agreements reflected the Qatari association’s commitment in exchanging expertise and improving the level of football both regionally and internationally. 
The first agreement was signed in Beirut with president of Lebanon’s Football Association Hashem Haidar. The two held a press conference stressing their commitment to enhancing football ties for a very long time.
The president of QFA said the Lebanese association will gain a lot from the agreement, given the great development QFA has witnessed recently. Sheikh Hamad expressed his hope that QFA can successfully exchange its expertise with many associations. 
The second agreement was signed with the Jordanian association. President of the Jordan Football Association Prince Ali bin al-Hussein said the agreement is a reflection of the strong understanding between the Qatari and Jordanian associations. He paid tribute to the president of QFA for his efforts in improving the level of football generally. 
The third agreement was signed with President of the Syrian Association Salah Ramadan. 
The final two agreements were signed on the sidelines of the meeting of the executive committee of the West Asia Football Federation.
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