There are many Nepali artistes who somehow could not develop their creative careers in their homeland. As people come to Qatar for better future, those with artistic skills also get a chance to pursue their dreams.
There are over 150 social organisations providing platform to the artistes. These organisations frequently conduct cultural programmes giving a chance to Nepali expatriate artistes to perform and exhibit their talents. Many Nepali artistes have become popular in their community. Community recently talked to some of the popular expatriate artistes.

Nanu Ghale
I came here in 2014 to work with Qatar Airways. My mother died when I was a toddler and my father re-married. I could not get good parenting. I was married to a man working in the army in a very young age. After the marriage, I learnt that my husband was already a married man with four children. Later I got separation from my husband. I have a son who is 10 year old now.
Since childhood, I was interested in singing. I regularly performed in my school functions and village ceremonies. Many people appreciated my voice. However I could not get a chance to sing at professional level. I became frustrated and came to Qatar for peace and prosperity.
In Qatar, I have made my mark as a singer. I have performed for more than 50 organisations. I have already recorded 10 songs and have released three albums. I have performed in National Day celebrations and Asian community festival. In September, I am going to Nepal to perform along with famous singer Rajesh Payal Rai. I am thankful to Qatar and to Qatar-based Nepali community for providing me with an opportunity to pursue my singing career along with my regular job.

Saroj Shrestha
I have been in Qatar for little more than a decade. I always wanted to be a writer. I could not pursue my ambition in Nepal because of financial constraints. To support my family, I came to Qatar for a better job.
Qatar brought me close to many Nepali people who share similar stories. Here, I got time to follow my interest in writing. I have so far written more than 20 songs which are already recorded. I am also a painter. I stood first in one cross country song writing competition in 2015 when 522 song writers tried their hand. The prize winning song is scored by Nhu Bajracharya, one of the most sought after musicians in Nepal. We have shot a video of the song in Qatar. The country has become very special to me.
Tau Maya Gurung
I am a 40-year-old unmarried woman and have been working in Qatar since 2007. I am a waitress. I have become a professional dancer. I had interest in dancing since I was a child. When I came to Qatar, I thought my dream of being a dancer would never come true. However, things changed here. In 2007, Tamu Cultural Family (TCF) organised a dancing reality show in which I participated. Among 100 participants, I bagged the first place and that opened the doors for me. I also recite poems in my mother tongue in different programmes. I have also written 10 songs. Moreover, I have played a role in a Gurung language movie. Qatar has brought me money, name and fame. These days, I support my family and take care of the education of my brother’s son and daughter.

Sharad Pandey
I come from a village in west of Nepal. I have been working in a reputed travel agency since 2011. Song writing and poetry were my primary interests. Folk tunes were dear to me. I could not pursue my interests in Nepal. People coming from low income families have to first of all look for a better job.
Qatar became my primary choice and I came here for work. Here, I have divided my time equally for my job and for my creative interests. Till now, I have penned more than 60 songs. Many of them are recorded or are in the process of being recorded. The Nepali community has become my artistic backbone and an encouraging factor. I am grateful to Qatar and Nepali community here.

Shakti Chettri
I have been in Qatar since 2006. I have succeeded in releasing over a dozen songs in Qatar. I used to sing folk songs during casual work at my home in a village in Nepal. But, Qatar became a place where I could act professionally. I have also composed five songs. My compositions are performed by senior Nepali artistes like Pramod Kharel, Sindhu Malla, Devika KC and Shiva Pariyar. I have recited poems in multiple programmes. In all these years in Qatar, I have also been involved in community organisations. 

Bijaya Thapa Magar
I come from a family in Birtamod, a town in east of Nepal. I have been working in Qatar for more than a decade. I have been interested in dancing since my school days. I could not pursue my interest in Nepal. 
Here, I am and active member of Nepal Magar Association. In Qatar, I have released two of my music videos. The work here is paying me well and the community is encouraging me to get involved in creative activities. I am thankful to both.

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