Plan to give skies back to falcons in bid to enhance biodiversity
February 18 2018 10:49 PM
Ali bin Khatam al-Mahshadi (L), Mohamed Abdulatif al-Misnad
Ali bin Khatam al-Mahshadi (L), Mohamed Abdulatif al-Misnad

The Qatari Society of Al-Gannas has launched a unique initiative to release falcons of willing falconers in Qatar to nature again. The initiative aims at preserving and enhancing biodiversity and further boost the protection of the environment. 
The society president Ali bin Khatam al-Mahshadi pointed out that this initiative is part of the society's keenness to preserve falcons and maintain a natural equilibrium in this field. He said that the initiative was suggested by Qatari falconers who saw returning falcons to nature helps preserve them and guarantee their breeding and reproduction. 
Al-Mahshadi said that the society received a number of calls as soon as the campaign was announced through the social media, as a number of falconers showed their interests in the idea and expressed their willingness to make it a success. 
He added that on the first day of launching the initiative, the society registered seven falconers, who want to release their falcons into nature. He expected that the number of participants would steadily increase until the handover day on February 25. 
The society vice-president Mohamed Abdulatif al-Misnad said the locations where the falcons will be released is not being publicised to avoid them being hunted again by amateurs. In addition, a list of honour will be launched with the names of the participating falconers. The list will be displayed permanently at the society headquarters in Katara, the Culture Village Foundation. 
He also pointed out that each released bird will carry a badge with the name of the society and its telephone but all the tracking devices will be removed from it.

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