The country is likely to experience strong winds, dusty conditions and a drop in visibility from Sunday evening until Monday, the Qatar Met department has said.

The weather office has also issued a marine warning as high waves have been forecast.
In a report on Saturday, the Met department said northwesterly fresh to strong winds are expected to affect the country between Sunday evening and Monday evening. The wind speed will range from 15-25 knots, reaching 28 knots at times, which will lead to blowing dust and a drop in visibility to 3km or less in some areas. 
The sea state is expected to be moderate-rough with an expected wave height of 4-8ft, the report states. 
The Met department has urged people to be cautious and avoid sea activities until Tuesday in view of the expected conditions, as well as follow latest updates through its official social media accounts.
Meanwhile, the Met report also points out that the northwesterly winds will cause the temperature to return to its regular average levels for this time of the year. It could be recalled that the mercury level had gone up at a number of places over the past few days.
Sunday’s detailed forecast says hazy to misty/foggy conditions are expected in some places in the early hours of the day, followed by a relatively hot day and scattered clouds. Slight to blowing dust is likely in some areas by the evening, along with poor visibility and strong winds.
Slightly dusty and partly cloudy conditions have been forecast in offshore areas, which are also expected to see strong winds and high seas by the evening.
The minimum and maximum temperatures in Doha are expected to be 19C and 31C on Sunday. On Saturday, they were 19C and 27C, respectively.

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