The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has announced its training plan for the current year, which is in line with the vision, mission and strategy of the ministry in the light of QNV 2030.
The plan aims to develop the ministry’s cadres, both at the professional level and the level of preparation of the second row of leaders in each department, in addition to preparing experts in the various specialisations, including the field of Dawa’, guidance, Waqf, Zakat and so on.
“Awqaf has continuously developed plans according to standards that respond to the State’s directives in the field of attention to human cadres,” Director of human resources department Mohamed Hassan al-Maliki said.
He pointed out that the role of Awqaf is serving Muslims around the world, which requires training and development to carry out these great tasks and benefit from various trends and experiences internally and externally.
The number of programmes covered by the plan is 58, including specialised courses and preparing leaders and experts.
This year, the number of employees is expected to reach 1,705, compared with 707 last year.
Head of Training and Management Development Dr Mohamed Khalifa al-Kubaisi said that the new training plan is characterised by a comprehensive understanding of the Ministry’s vision, mission, strategic plan and areas of work in raising awareness and promoting Islamic values and serving the community through its Zakat and Cultural programmes.
The training plan also includes the Summer Training Programme for Qataris from high school and university, which is scheduled to accommodate 80 students this year.

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